Semi-permanent makeup

Digital Method Ombre Brow

This technique uses a combination of needles to achieve a powder effect brow, similar to that of adding powder to the brow with a makeup brush.  


ombre brow
lash enhancement eyeliner

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner

This is a beautiful treatment which adds pigment to the lash line to give a delicate eyeliner effect.


Baby Eyeliner

This is for someone who likes a bolder eyeliner and wants more definition to that of a lash enhancement. This technique works slightly outside the lash line to give a definitive line with a small flick.


baby eyeliner


This technique uses a handheld tool to implant pigment into the skin. You can achieve a very delicate brow with this technique.


Laser tattoo removal & aesthetics

A patch test is required on all treatments. Free consultation. 20% deposit required.

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